Pooneh Oshidari /

Born 1984 in Tehran, Iran

Lives and works in Tehran and Dubai


Pooneh Oshidari has studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Tehran University.

Her professional career began in 2007 by participating in Iran's 7th Painting Biennial and holding her first solo exhibition in Tehran. “Time” is the essence of Oshidari’s works; both in terms of the conceptualization and in the development and presentation; Time” as a subject in relation with emotions and memories. As a Tehran based Visual Artist, it has been always inspiring for her that, how do Iranian people deal with all special challenges and difficulties during time.

The content of her works has also rooted in 2010 when she started researches on Persian ancient culture and myths, and later, references to her birth place nature and environmental issues become more prominent in her works.

Oshidari is mostly concentrated on painting and drawing but, she has always felt free to use and experience various techniques or media to advance her projects and ideas.

During 12 years her works were exhibited in more than 10 solo exhibitions in Tehran, US and Kuwait. She has participated in more than 90 group exhibitions, festivals, art residencies and art fairs in Iran and around the world. Over past years, she had more serious experience in working with organic mediums and time-based media, which was positively inspiring in her recent projects.








2010 M.F.A in Illustration, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

2006 B.F.A in Graphic Design, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran



2023 «Dream of Motherland», Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2021 «Homeland», Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 «Amnesia», Pirsook Gallery, Shiraz, Iran

2019 «Hideout is Temple», Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 «Far from home», Cite international des Arts, Paris

2016 «Painless», Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 «Waiting for Peace», FA Gallery, Kuwait

2014 «Waiting for Peace», Abra Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2012 «Like Nobody», Atbin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 Atbin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 «The Others», Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2008 Iranian Artist`s Forum, Tehran, Iran



2023 «Can you hear me?», Gublia Gallery, Essen, Germany

2022 «Connective Strings of resilience», Foundry, Dubai

2019 «Reveries», Jardin Persan Gallery, PAU, France

2019 «Iran at a glance», Queen Gallery Toronto, Toronto, Canada

2019 «Speaking for themselves», Katharina Maria Raab Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2018 «The World Semantic Ways», Iran cultural center in Paris, Paris, France

2017 «With My Roots», Asia House, Artworks by thirty Iranian Contemporary Artists, London, England

2016 Kooshk Residency open studio, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 «Time to Talk», Satura Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy

2014 «Norouz International Festival», Cultural center of Iran embassy at Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

2014 New York, Tallybeck Contemporarery Gally, Animating the Word: The Legacy of Iran’s Minority Calligraphic Traditions

2013 Abra Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2012 Tour and Taxis Art Center, Un exposed, 40 young Iranian woman artists, Brussels, Athen, Warsaw

2011 Art Deco, Illustration exhibition, Paris, France



2023 Contemporary Istanbul, Bavan Gallery booth, Istanbul, Turkey

2022 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Bavan Gallery Booth, Istanbul, Turkey

2020 Affordable Art Fair, Online exhibition, London, England

2018 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Art fair, Battersea, London, England

2017 Brunel’s old station, Bristol Art Fair (Affordable Art Fair), Bristol, England

2016 «Persbook biennale», Niavaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 LA Convention Center, LA Art show, Los Angeles, California

2015 ATO international convention and exhibition center, ART ANKARA, contemporary Art fair, Ankara, Turkey

2014 LA Convention Center, LA Art show, Los Angeles, California

2013 Saba Art Center, The Sixth Tehran Illustration biennale, Tehran



2023 «Chaotic metaphors», Baashgaah Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2022 «Destruction », Artibithion Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2022 «The Observer », Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2021 «Vista Prize group exhibition», Vista Gallery (Online Exhibition), Tehran, Iran

2021 «There are no rules for connecting us», Bavan Gallery (Online Exhibition), Tehran, Iran

2020 «The Journey no.1», Sharif Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2020 Sarve Naz Gallery + Azad Art Gallery, Tehran Shiraz, Iran

2020 «Tension», Sohrab Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2020 «Habitat», «Hideout 2» as a long term project, Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2020 «Ten Days Like Flowers», Choom Gallery, Anzali, Iran

2020 «Shabtab», Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 «Cadence» exhibition, Jaleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 «Mohsen projects first prize», Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 «Flower» exhibition, Inja Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 «Circular Garden of Memory» exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 «Passport» exhibition, Jaleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 «Va Life Style»,«Identity Crisis» exhibition, Ava ArtLevels Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 «Flower» second exhibition, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 «Montakhbe Nasleno», 10th annual, Shiin Gallery, Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2018 «Infertility», A Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 «Drawing as Living», Iran Artists’ Forum, The 6th annual drawing exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2017 «Midnight Dream», The Four Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017 «100 Artists, 100 Artworks», Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017 «The Hole», Fereshteh Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017 «A Few Credible Stories», Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016 «Identity», Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016 Vista Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 «Firefly», for charity, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 «The World Champion», Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 «Common Sense», Saye Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 «Small Paintings», Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 « History Game», Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 «Small Paintings», Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 Iran Artist`s Forum, Tehran, Iran

2012 Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 Vali Art Gallery, First visual art festival of Youth Art, Tehran, Iran

2009 Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

and 70 more group exhibitions.



2019 Winner of Mohsen Projects, Tehran, Iran

2018 First prize of Versus festival, Tehran, Iran

2017 First prize of Baharestan festival, Tehran, Iran



2018 Cite international des Arts, “Far from home” series, Paris

2016 Artistes en Residence, “Painless” series, Clermont-Ferrand, France