Pooneh Oshidari /

Artistic practice

I’m an Iranian visual artist. My professional career began in 2007 by participating in Iran's 7th Painting Biennial and holding my first solo exhibition at Honar Gallery in Tehran. During 7 years, my works were exhibited in 8 solo exhibitions in Tehran, Clermont Ferrand (France), Los Angeles and Kuwait. I participated in more than 60 group exhibitions. In 2013 my work was accepted to be shown at Tehran's Illustration Biennial and I also has worked on several books – from poetry to children's books as an illustrator. The viewpoint on my paintings was highly influenced by my background in graphic design. The content of my present works roots in 2011 when I started a journey on looking closer at motherhood and loneliness, and along the road, references to the nature became more prominent in my works. The first project that influenced my works was a distant collaboration with Art Deco College students in Paris to illustrate topics related to culture as well as stories that took place in Tehran and Paris. My other important contribution was participation in Rybon International Artists’ Workshop 2012. In addition, Over the past year, I had a more serious experience in farming and gardening which was positively inspiring in my work. The last important project I participate, was the Kooshk Art residency program with Artites en Residence in France. My recent projects are concentrated on “Time” as a subject in relation with Nature and human lifetime and emotions such as loneliness, sorrow and …

I have also been working as an illustrator since 2005 with a lot of publications such as; Kanoonparvaresh, Kids of Sea, Roshd magazine, Keyhanbacheha, Chekeh publication, Shahr publication, Soroude Mehr publication, Ghoo publication, Madreseh publication, Hamshahri magazine, Soroush children Magazine and book publication, Amordad magazine, Ayandegan publication and …


1984 Born in Tehran, Iran

2010 MFA, Tehran University, (Illustration)

2006 BFA, Tehran University, (Graphic Design)

Member of Society of Iranian Painters

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2016, Artistes en Residence, as a one day show, Clermont-Ferrand, France

2016, Homa Gallery

2014, FA Gallery, Kuwait

2014, Abra Gallery, Los Angeles

2012, Atbin Gallery, Tehran

2011, Atbin Gallery, Tehran

2010, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran

2009, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran

Selected International group exhibitions:

2016, Mohsen Gallery/ Kooshk Residency open studio/ Tehran

2015, Satura Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy, “Time to Talk”

2015, ATO international convention and exhibition center, ART ANKARA, contemporary Art fair

2015, LA Convention Center, LA Art show, Los Angeles

2014, New York, Tallybeck Contemporarery Gally, Animating the Word: The Legacy of Iran’s Minority Calligraphic Traditions

2014, LA Convention Center, LA Art show, Los Angeles

2013, Abra Gallery, Los Angeles

2013, Abra Gallery, Los Angeles

2013, Saba Art Center, The Sixth Tehran Illustration Biennale, Tehran

2012, Tour and Taxis Art Center, Un exposed, 40 young Iranian woman artists, Brussels, Athen, Warsaw

2012, Mohsen Gallery, Participate in Rybon international artists workshop, Tehran

2011, Art Deco, Paris, Illustration exhibition

Selected group exhibitions in Iran:

2017, Aaran Gallery, Tehran

2016, Sales Gallery, 30 Vision of Kiarostami,Tehran

2016, Negar Gallery, Flower,Tehran

2016, Shirin Gallery, Identity,Tehran

2016, Vista Gallery/ Tehran

2016, Niavaran Art Gallery, “Persbook biennale” / Tehran

2015, Daheshpoor Art Gallery, for charity / Tehran

2015, Azad Art Gallery, Firefly, for charity / Tehran

2015, Fereshte Art Gallery/ Tehran

2015, Igreg Gallery, The World Viewed

2015, Shirin Gallery, The World Champion, Tehran

2014, Atbin Gallery, Few Scenes from Paradise

2014, Hena Gallery, Like breeze on Trees

2014, Niavaran Gallery, Haft Negah

2014, Iran Artists’ Forum, Secret garden

2014, Aria Gallery, Small Paintings

2014, Mehrva Gallery, Iranian Romances

2013, Etemad Gallery, History Game, Tehran

2013, Saba Art Center, The Sixth Tehran Illustration Biennale, Tehran

2013, Niavaran Art Center, Haft Negah Annual, Tehran

2013, Ghasr Museum Gallery, Hiroshima Memorial, Tehran

2013, Igreg Gallery,Tehran

2013, Elaheh Gallery, the End of Brussels Exhibition, Tehran

2013, Art Center, Selection of 3 generations of art, Tehran

2013, Aria Gallery, Small Paintings

2013, Iran Artists’ Forum, 104 Windows

2013, Atbin Gallery

2012, Mohsen Gallery, Participate in Rybon international artists workshop, Tehran

2012, Niavaran Cultural Place, Contemporary work of art by Iranian artists (for Behnam Daheshpour charity organization)

2012, Iran Artists’ Forum, Tehran

2012, Saba Art Center, Members of Society of Iranian Painters

2012, Aria Gallery

2012, Atbin Gallery

2011, Elaheh Gallery

2011, Barg Gallery, Art Expo of Society of Iranian Painters

2011, Mellat Art Gallery, (festival of Youth Art)

2010, Iran Artists’ Forum, Tehran

2010, Vali Art Gallery, (First visual art festival of Youth Art)

2009, Homa Gallery,Tehran

And 40 more group exhibitions