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Pooneh Oshidari

‘HOMELAND’ is comprised of three parts and has been created inspired by the dismal state of some areas of Iran, that in time, have become void of life due to unfavorable changes in the climate. In the first part of this collection, the artist has illustrated images based on photographs of some of Iran’s historical sites, and the audience is faced with historical and desolate spaces that are now parts of the natural landscape. Spaces that have vastly transformed through the years and all signs of life have left them. In Oshidari’s work, greenery expands in vague spaces like a growing monster, spreading into the entirety of the painting, which could be the artist’s study of a certain monument or landscape. Monuments like cisterns or fire temples that have been essential in the preservation and continuation of people’s lives and habitats through time.

In a time when the unsuitable climate has made habitats devoid of life, or their inhabitants have been forced to vacate them in search of more favorable living conditions-or plain survival, life and living have found new meanings, and that is what the artist aims to portrait. Live installations are another part of this collection, which is comprised of plants and photographs. These installations show the different stages of a plant’s growth and the process of it all which was recorded and documented by the artist.

In another part of this collection, we are faced with the artist’s understanding of a ‘Homeland’ which has been shaped by the notions of preserving natural resources and the invaluableness of earth, and their roots in Iran’s ancient written heritage. Some of the artworks depict the Image of a child in the safety of her mother’s embrace which speaks to a person’s connection to their birthplace. The analogy that compares a child to the earth and her mother to the generosity and graciousness of Nature, conveys feelings of belonging and attachment to the viewer.

Bavan Gallery - June 25 – July 12, 2021

#7, Abdeh St., Larestan St., Motahari St., Tehran, Iran
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